Specific equipments



Sécheur à groisil

Waste glass dryer (0-5 mm) consisting in rotary pipe designed with inside pallets providing product mixing and handling.


Broyeur à textile

Shredding system for plastics and textiles (carpets) aimed to be injected into the cement kiln main burner


Goulotte basculante

Tilting discharge chute with support and actuation device designed for a safe feeding of the cement kiln precalciner


Table à rouleaux

Roller tables providing full tyres handling up to the cement kiln feeding point at the rate of 3 to 4 T/h.
Feet tables equipped with weighing scales.


Sas à double clapet

Gate made of two systems of double valve gate providing the tightness of the cement kiln feeding system with full tyres through the smokebox.


Wet ashes loading plant

Bran wet ashes handling, storage plant and automatic road containers loading system.

Scrap metals evacuation plant

Containers automatic loading with scrap metals from waste incinerator ashes line

New rotary screen "trommel" type

New rotary screen "trommel" type for waste incinerator ashes

Réalisation S-I-P