Continuous handling



Parc de stockage de laitier

Slag stocking plant at the rate of 600 T/h and stock reclaiming plant
at 300 T/h in cement plant.


Stacker de mise au stock

Stocking facility through fully automatic rotary and raiseable stacker, assembled on a +/- 7m height embankment, at the rate of 500 T/h.


Stacker de mise en stock

Bauxite stocking plant  in Africa at 2.700 T/h


Gratteur de reprise au stock

Gypsum stock reclaiming plant in power plant through semi portal scraper reclaimer, feeding handling and boats loading facilities at the rate of 300 T/h


Navette de mise en stock

Reversible shuttle conveyor for waste incinerator ashes stocking, set on a travelling support, at the rate of 30 T/h.

Réalisation S-I-P