Continuous handling



Manutention par transporteur courbe

Porphyry crushes handling in quarry 
through curved conveyor at the rate of  500 T/h. 


Remontée carrière

Quarry handling facility at the rate of 2.500 T/h of 0-250 mm
limestone crushes.
Belt conveyor power : 2 x 500 kW


Manutention de carbonate de soude

Handling equipments of a sodium carbonate production plant in chimical industry at the rate of 60 T/h


Manutention de charbon

Solid fuels (coal & petcoke) and limestone handling facility designed to feed a new fluidized bed boiler in power plant at the rate of 300 T/h


Manutention de machefers

Automatic stocking plant of waste incinerator ashes through belt conveyors at the rate of  30 T/h 
Conveyors fully covered by tarpaulins


Manutention de graves

Belt conveyors handling in gravels production plant
at the rate of 500 T/h.


Réalisation S-I-P